At Blue Line Photo Studio, we are proud of our premier reputation as a top-of-the-line professional photography studio for the greater Boston area. Our photographers are highly trained specialists in a wide range of niche photography areas, including:

  • Food and product photography
  • Personal injury photography
  • Real estate photography
  • Special event photography
  • Portraits
  • Head shots

When Cell Phone Photos Just Won't Do

It seems like most people own a smartphone these days and often take quick snapshots with their phones for selfies, social media and candid shots of their toddlers for grandma. However, when it comes to business, cell phone photos are just not professional enough to do the job.

Blue Line Photo Studio can produce the high-quality photography that you need for your business presentations, whether they are for a food demo in a glossy magazine, an advertising shoot for your online catalog, or real estate photos to show clients and list on Zillow. When you need photography that is spot on and ready to go to the next phase of your business proposal, Blue Line Photo Studio will meet your needs.

Food Photography

Great food photography is one of the best ways to advertise your restaurant, cooking school or visiting chef. With so much of food advertising done online, including tutorials and demonstrations on chef websites and industry periodicals, food imagery must be precise and perfect, displaying the colors and details exactly as required for your admiring public. Blue Line Photo Studio will provide the exact detail that you need to show off your cuisine at its peak. Contact us for pricing and information.

Product Photography

Whether your products are appearing online or in a print catalog, fashionable photos in high-impact color will get your brand into the public eye. You want to have product photos that will excite your prospects and entice them to come into your store. No corners will be cut when Blue Line Photo Studio photographs your products, showing them off to their fans with their best foot forward. Just let us know what type of theme you are going for, and we will create it for you.

Personal Injury Photography

If you become involved in a personal injury case, it is important to have proof of your claim. Blurry handheld smartphone shots will not provide your lawyer the evidence needed for your case. Blue Line Photo Studio is experienced in handing this type of litigation photography. Call us for more information.

Real Estate Photography

Selling your house is a big job, and a great deal of real estate browsing is done online. To put your house up for sale, you need excellent photography to show off your residence's best features. Blue Line Photo Studio will take a portrait of your home for your realtor to show prospective buyers in person and to create a virtual walkthrough tour online. Having these professionally produced photos will put you eons ahead of the average home seller, giving you a distinct advantage in a seller's market. Contact us at Blue Line Photo Studio to determine your needs and how we can best help you.

Event Photography

For business conventions, club functions and charity events, photography is a helpful tool for the lead-up to the event, tracking the volunteers' work, and promoting the event in the press and online. During the event, important memories can be immortalized through high-end photography as you create historic moments. A professional photography studio, such as Blue Line Photo Studio, can be trusted to provide you with the entire list of photos that you need to record your event. As experienced Boston photographers, we will ensure that you get exactly what you require for your needs and take care of producing these photos efficiently and with as little interruption as possible to keep your event flowing all evening long. You can rely on Blue Line Photo Studio to get the images right for you to use before, during and after your special event.


There are certain times in your life when a portrait is the best way to remember a poignant ceremony such as a graduation, promotion or holiday gathering. Portraits require an artistic eye for proper lighting, finding the best facial angle, and putting together the best composition. Whether you need a group shot or a single portrait, Blue Line Photo Studio will give you the best selection of shots to choose from for your finished image. Contact us for pricing and portrait package options.

Head Shots

A head shot is a one-time opportunity for you to present yourself for a business connection, promotional brochure or website presentation. Head shots need to be handled with precision, showing off a professional look that meets the style and quality necessary in your specific industry. Each industry has a standard for head shots, which varies depending on the personality of the industry itself. For instance, banking is a very conservative industry while fashion is more avant-garde. These professions require the discreet handling of an experienced professional photographer who knows what image is preferred.

If you are looking to update your image for your company's online or printed materials, Blue Line Photo Studio can put together a head shot that meets your needs and presents the image you need, whether you are the CEO or a first-year intern on your first job. Call Blue Line to set up your appointment.