Just about everyone seems to own a smartphone these days. This has opened up a whole new raze for photo snapping and sharing and many people take quick and less than perfect snapshots with their phones. Whether it is the quick set of selfies for their facebook page, the photos of the toddler being sent to grandparents, or those endless photos of food and clothes, photos seems to inundate social media. However, for professional and business need, cell phone photos don't cut it. You need a professional grade photos so you can put your best foot forward and make a great impression. That is where Boston Photographers and experts at Blue Line Photo Studio can help you!

Blue Line Photo Studio, LLC has a team of experts that can produce the high-quality photography for all of your needs. Whether you need a stunning image for the cover of your book, some media shots to go on your website, social media promotional photos, product photos for your sale pages, or anything else, we can give you what you need to be successful. When you need photography that hits the mark each and every time and is ready to go when you need it, Blue Line Photo Studio and our Boston Photographers can meet all of your professional quality needs.

Concert, Stage, and Low-Light Photography can one of the most rewarding types of photo shoots to get images from, and it is also among the most challenging fields in photography out there. This style of photography is much different from every other type of portrait photography for many reasons. In concert and event photography shoots there is so much that is beyond the control of the photographer that require adaptability and quick thinking, Lights, positioning, movements, and surrounding environment and elements cannot be controlled. The best event and concert photographers will know how to adapt and roll with things and still generate amazing shots. That is what Blue Line Photo Studio can do for you!

As experienced Boston photographers, we will ensure that you get exactly what you require for your needs and take care of producing these photos efficiently and with as little interruption as possible to keep your event flowing all evening long. You can rely on Blue Line Photo Studio, LLC. to get the images right for you to use before, during, and after your special event!


Cheap Trick

This shot was from the very last row in the Lynn Memorial in Lynn, MA

Don't over extend your boundary.

I respect what the performers do, I don't get in their way, and always play by the rules. We won't put out unflattering photo's of the performer.

Proper Equipment

I typically carry three Nikon lenses 12-24mm f/2.8, 24-70mm, and the 70-200mm f/2.8. These lenses give me great range as well as isolate the musicians for close-ups.