First, we offer a complimentary pre-portrait design consultation. Through all the years of experience, we've found that clients being able to come into their portrait sessions fully aware in advance of things like what to wear and the type of story they'd like their portraits to tell, not only creates a more efficient session, but enables our artists the ability to do what they do best - bringing out the true essence of what makes you - our client - unique.

During this session, you can expect:

• MEET WITH YOUR ARTIST — in order for the artist to truly resonate with what makes you or your family unique, we provide the time and space for the two to come together and connect. It's our artists' responsibility to bring out the genuine essence of its subjects, and we take this responsibility very seriously. We will never give you just another photograph; we'll give you an entire story and its emotion, all wrapped in your new masterpiece.

• TYPE OF SESSION — you and your artist will determine who will be included in the portraits, as well as the location of your session. Whether it's in-studio or on-location, based off the story you'd like your portraits to tell your artist will help select which session would best emulate that story.

• CLOTHING — we'll provide expert advice on what type of clothing will coordinate best with the type of session you've chosen. The last thing we want our clients to stress over is color coordinating their loved ones; we'd rather eliminate that stress so you can be completely present and enjoy every, single aspect of your portrait session.

• DISCOVERY — every portrait is a message, a story, in visual representation and your artist will honor that by connecting with you to discover what message you'd like your portraits to convey.

• TIMING — this is a fundamental element of your pre-portrait design consultation, because if you choose to shoot off-site, then selecting the absolute best time of day that'll compliment the essence of your portrait is vital to the quality of your final product.

• FINAL PRODUCT VISUALIZATION — seeing your work of art in a frame on the computer is one thing, but being able to enjoy a live mock-up of the final product in your own home is an entirely differently feeling. As you and your artist discuss various ways to perfectly display your work of art, including placement within your home as well as horizontal or vertical layout of the portrait, you'll get to have a realistic representation of what your new masterpiece will look like inside your actual living space.

Second, you'll schedule your portrait session. Because of the information collected during your pre-portrait design consultation, your portrait session will be brief and concise. The goal for each session isn't to fret over small details; it's to devote a reserved space of time specifically to you, in order to allow your essence and emotion to come to surface and tell your story.

Once the portraits have been taken, our artists with assist you with selecting the winning shots. At this point, all that's left is determining the appropriate finish to compliment your new masterpieces for maximum, visual impact.


Because we respect the time of both our portrait artists and our clients, there's a session fee that's collected at the end of your complimentary pre-portrait design consultation. This is collected to ensure that you'll honor your portrait session and to confirm your attendance. Your session fee will automatically be credited to your portrait session.

As for the portraits themselves, our work is completely customizable to the client's needs and final wishes; therefore, the rates will vary per session. Everything from the type of final product (print or painting), number of prints, the type of finish and the framing are all factored into your final purchase price.


Absolutely! It's our artist responsibility and the integrity of our studio to provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for our work. In the instance you feel your work is unsatisfactory or does not meet our needs, we offer:

• Complimentary Re-Shoot — respecting your original wishes, we'll have you and/or your family come back for a complete reshoot in order to honor you as a valued client.

• Refund — if your original wishes aren't met and/or the complementary reshoot doesn't satisfy you, we'll offer your entire portrait investment back with our sincerest apology.


We offer a time-honored, handcrafted masterpiece for your viewing pleasure. Once the final portraits have been selected, our artists will hand finish the prints. Nothing about your portraits will feel fake or over-photo shopped, as many portraits now sadly often do. Instead, we aim for minimal hand finishes, only adding our professional touch to minor cosmetic blemishes or lighting that may disrupt the overall aesthetic of your final product.

After the portraits have been hand finished, we offer the following types of prints:

• Photo Paper
• HD Aluminum - a high gloss, modern-style finish that comes ready for hanging; no added framing needed! • Canvas & Masonite Mounting • Canvas or Irish Linen Finishes • Protective Coatings - designed to preserve the premium quality of your portraits and keep them looking brand new for years. • Timeless, Handcrafted Paintings - your image will first begin with a digital painting, where afterwards it goes to the printer and mounted on quality canvas or Masonite (depending on your desired look). It's sent for finishing to a portrait painter to give all the hand painted finishes. • Venetian Canvas - a classic looking portrait finish, which is typically mounted on a canvas; additional framing is not required though often recommended, as it complements the overall portrait. Q: WHAT TYPE OF SHOOTS DO YOU DO?

Blue Line Photo Studio is proud to offer its professional experience to the following types of portrait shoots:

• Couples

• Individuals

We also offer:

• In-Studio — our professionals currently offer two options for in-studio portrait sessions: formal (a.k.a. - classic) and contemporary.

• Location — if you have a special place that truly represents you or your family best, our artists are more than happy to conduct your portrait session at a location that's meaningful to you.


One of our more commonly asked questions; the difference between Formal and Contemporary can best be described like this:

When booking a Formal In-Studio session, you should treat it as though you just received a Black Tie dinner invitation to the White House - aim for the epitome of upscale, classy and elegant.

When booking a Contemporary In-Studio session, think of it as though your boss just invited you and your family out to dinner with his - you still want to make a good impression, so everyone dresses casually classy.

For more expert advice on how to style your attire, check out our Session Styles for In-Studio Formal, In-Studio Contemporary and Outdoor.

We cover all the proper do's and don'ts when it comes to the wardrobe options that will bring out the absolute best in your portraits.


If you are currently outside of these locations, our studio does offer to travel.

For questions regarding non-local portrait sessions and the travel fee associated, give our studio a call at (774) 245-0022