Studio Formal

“Simply put, when it comes to Studio Formal wear, think ‘Black Tie’ attire.”

— Blue Line Photo Studio

At Blue Line Photo Studio, we produce fine art portraits for discerning families. Because our intention is to ensure that each and every client receives a premium-quality portrait that [we know] your family deserves, it takes great skill and dedication to creating the right effect, which does require proper clothing.

Your portrait should be a work of outstanding artistry - something your family will be proud of for generations to come. By taking the time to know what type of wardrobe would suit your portrait session best, it enables your conducting portrait artist the freedom to enhance your face - drawing attention to you, rather than what you may be wearing.

It is our studio's artistic responsibility to illuminate the beauty within your portrait in order to create the type of long-lasting memory your family will share for years and years to come. If you're considering booking an In-Studio Formal portrait sitting, the following attire tips will serve you best:

TRADITIONALLY In-Studio Formal portrait sittings are conducted with classic backdrops, stylish posing and uniquely crafted lighting to create that signature elegant look. Because this will be the most elegant portrait your family will ever commission, our studio strongly recommends upscale attire, only, as we've found this type of clothing works best when creating a fine art portrait for your family.

OVERALL... Aim for your wardrobe to be well-fitting, crisp, clean and select dark colors. A helpful tip is to lay out the outfits next to one another and confirm that they are all cohesive; the entire wardrobe should be coordinated but not identical.

For Men/Boys: • Dark Jackets (tuxedo or suit) • Crisp, white long-sleeve shirts • Tie (traditional or bow tie) • Solid, dark sweaters • Dark, formal dress pants • Clean, well-groomed facial hair • Dress shoes

*If you choose not to wear a jacket, your shirts should not be white, but still solid, and it does have to be long-sleeved.

For Women/Girls: • Dark dress or gown - the more elegant & swanky, the better • Acceptable colors - black, navy, burgundy, dark green, etc. • For best visual results, dresses should have a min. 1/4" sleeve • Well-groomed hairstyles • Classic jewelry - diamonds, pearls, etc. • (Girls 4 yrs. & under) Ivory, cream or off-white dresses • Avoid patterns.


UNACCEPTABLE ATTIRE INCLUDES: • Ripped or torn clothing • Jeans or Denim • Casual blouses or zippered jackets • PLAIDS or overly-busy patterns • Ungroomed facial hair • Tennis shoes and shirts with visible logos • Sleeveless, strapless or off-the-shoulder dresses • Brand, new haircuts*

*If opting to wear a sleeveless, strapless or off-the-shoulder dress, please bring a fur (fake) or silk wrap or drape.

**For haircuts, we recommend if you'd like a new haircut to please schedule it a minimum of 3-5 days in advance of your portrait session.

OUR CLOTHING POLICY Because we value the beauty and meaning a portrait creates for your family, our studio reserves the right not to conduct a portrait sitting if the attire does not cohesively suit the visual guidelines of your requested session. Even one person incorrectly dressed can ruin an otherwise gorgeous portrait. Therefore, if the clothing is inappropriate, our first aim will be to fix the clothing on-set. If we are unable to fix the clothing on-site, we will re-schedule for a later date.

If you have any questions regarding wardrobe or attire for your session, reach out to our studio at (774) 245-0022.